It's that time of year. We're giving performance reviews! Giving feedback can be scary, whether you're an employee trying to deliver constructive feedback or an individual contributor trying to give upward feedback. While we all know feedback is critical to employee and organizational success, about 60% of employees say that they have not received useful feedback in the last six months. Join top manufacturing and innovation leaders as we dive deep into tools that will unlock drive, engagement, and performance. Dr. Deepali Palta, Head of West Europe Foods R&D at PepsiCo, and Dr. Jamie Reeves, Executive Vice President at Mattson, will outline tips and best practices, including:

  • How to give and receive constructive feedback
  • How to give and receive positive feedback
  • How to give upward feedback
  • Feedback do's and don'ts
  • How to use feedback to drive culture, performance, engagement, and productivity
  • How to use feedback to become more strategic

Dr. Deepali Palta

Head of West Europe Snacks R&D


Dr. Palta's career journey has been a fantastic road of critical experiences spanning the entire PepsiCo enterprise, including innovation, annual plan delivery, manufacturing, sustainability, strategy, portfolio management, Applied AI across diverse business constructs, and multiple geographies. Each role has prepared her for bigger challenges leading to her current assignment as R&D Head of West Europe Snacks. She is a lifelong STEM advocate and committed to sustainability, diversity, and unlocking the potential of others. She believes that giving and receiving feedback is a skill. And like all skills, it takes practice to get it right. She believes that at the heart of giving feedback is to care about the people in the team and helping them become their best selves. 

Dr. Jaime Reeves

Executive Vice President


Dr. Reeves has worked for some of the largest CPG companies in the world, bringing their breakthrough innovation pipelines to life. Her experiences include product development, commercialization, market research, annual plan delivery, strategy, and building organizational capability. She specializes in leading teams and individuals to break down their ideas into forward-thinking strategies. When providing feedback, she believes that it should be given as soon as possible. An example is "curbside coaching" where you pull someone aside as soon as you have observed positive or negative action that needs feedback, and giving feedback consistently, not just held for 1 or 2 times per year. She believes feedback is a gift and should not only be given to direct reports but actively requested for self-improvement by managers.

Webinar Leader Catherine Cantley

This event will be led by  Catherine Cantley, a  Food Processing Specialist with TechHelp and Assistant Professor in Animal, Veterinary, and Food Sciences at the University of Idaho. She is an experienced Senior Research and Development Manager with demonstrated expertise in food manufacturing, process engineering, product optimization, food safety, and sensory and consumer science.


Location Information

  • October 19th 2021 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM MDT
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  • Zoom, Virtual Meeting, ID, US
  • Free Admission


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